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About S33N

We're a small business who are passionate about developing equipment that is simple to use and built to last. One of the most regular sources of cycling frustration for us was constantly taking bike lights on and off when going into the city, forgetting to bring them with us when the winter months drew in and getting stuck with uncharged lights on a dark night.

We set out to build something better than the poor solutions we'd used in the past and through many prototypes, tests and chats with cyclists the design evolved into the models we now have for sale.

Our experiences with bike lights have also helped us to develop new products for lighting on rowing boats for sale in early 2024.

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Who are we

Designs for S33N products have been developed by Jonny Waller, a Bristol based mechanical engineer with 10 years experience in the product design industry. The products are hand assembled and invidividually tested by our very small husband and wife team.

We'd also like to say a big thanks to all the friends, family and other contacts who have been a massive help in getting things up and running!

If you've got any feedback you'd like to share or projects you'd like to collaborate on please get in touch!

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