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  • Will the lights fit my bike?
    Usually, yes! The lights have been designed and tested to fit all of the most common handlebar diameters (22.2 mm to 31.8 mm) and seatpost diameters (22.2 mm to 35.0 mm). If you have a more extreme seatpost or handlebar shape and would like a set of S33N lights, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do. To fit the lights you'll also need about 2 cm wide of free space on your handlebars for a front light and about 4.5 cm of free height on a seat post for the rear light. The lights are best fitted to a section where the diameter is constant - so try to keep away from any tapered areas.
  • How do I fit the lights?
    See below for an extract from the instruction leaflet that comes with each light for fitting the lights. You will need two allen keys to install the lights - 2mm and 3mm widths. Please contact us if you have any difficulties and we would be happy to assist.
  • What makes the lights theft resistant?
    The theft-resistant strap design means that the lights are permanently fixed to the bike. The screw that tensions the strap is hidden once the plug covering it is installed, making it non-obvious and difficult to remove the lights for opportunistic thieves. As always, it is possible for your bike and/or lights to be vandalised by a determined individual but the incentive from normal bike lights of easily being able to steal a resellable product has been removed. If you're determined to make the lights extra theft proof, it is possible to glue the plug covering the screw head permanenly in place, but we'd advise thinking very carefully before doing this as you will make it very challenging to ever adjust the strap or transfer the lights to another bike.
  • Can I transfer the lights from one bike to another?
    By design the lights are not intended to be easily removed from your bike, but it is possible move the lights between bikes by slowly and carefully prizing off the plug covering the screw hole with a sharp blade and unscrewing the strap. If you have chosen to glue the plug in place for added security, this will be more challenging. We will be selling spare straps and plugs on our website shortly in case any spares are needed. Please get in touch if you are having any issues.
  • How bright are the lights?
    The lights have been designed to be bright enough for you to easily be seen by other road users, but are not bright enough for cycling in completely unlit areas. Unlike some high powered lights that output a very bright beam only in the centre, the S33N lights spread the brightness across a much wider area to ensure they are easily seen from as many angles as possible. A large number of variants were tested in the development of the lights, trading off the brightness vs battery life and we feel we've struck a good balance between the two.
  • What batteries and charger do you recommend?
    The lights work with any AA battery, but to save binning lots of batteries we'd recommend using rechargable AA batteries of at least 2000 mAh capacity from a reliable brand, paired with a reasonably priced USB powered AA battery charger. Make sure the charger charges each battery individually rather than in pairs. A good USB charger example is the EBL 807: If you prefer to charge with a normal USB C cable, check out some of the USB C chargable AA batteries available online, e.g.
  • How will my product be packaged?
    Each light is packaged in a cardboard box small enough to fit through your letterbox.
  • How much is does shipping cost?
    Free! Included with the purchase of each light.
  • How long till my light arrives?
    We aim to ship all lights out within 3 business days. The free UK shipping is via Royal Mail and typically takes 2 to 3 working days.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Unfortunately the lights only currently ship within the UK, though international shipping is something we will be looking at in future.
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